For those interested in learning or reviewing the foundations of the Christian Faith. This class will explore what the Bible says about our God.

The class is laid-back, casual, but very informative! No prior Bible knowledge is needed and no one will be called on and put on the spot.

Just come with an open heart and an open mind! If you are new to Immanuel, the Christian Faith, or have faith questions in general, this class is for you.

Led by Pete Duncanson & Rev. Dr. Terry Tieman
Phone: 901.373.4486    Email:
Sundays at 9:50am (4th Grade classroom in the school)

Sunday Adult Bible Class

This group is all about being in Scriptures and applying it to your daily life.
Whether you have been in the Word your entire life, or are just beginning, this group promises to lead you on an exciting journey of discovering God’s will for your life! This is an open invitation. You may join at any time.

Led by Tim Neeck
Sundays at 9:50am (8th Grade classroom in the school)

Pastor’s Sunday Bible Study

Most Sundays you can find Pastor Will leading a Bible Study between worship services.  The topic varies depending on the time of the year.  This class is open to anyone.

Led by Pastor Will Miller


Sundays at 9:50am (School cafeteria)

This group meets to study God’s Word in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Join us as we grow in our faith and as we enjoy this time of fellowship.

Led by Pastor Will Miller
Mondays at 1:00pm in the Church Sanctuary

This group is undergoing some changes more information will be available soon.

Led by Ryan Pudwell & AJ Vega

Phone: 901-356-7995    Email:
Tuesdays at 6:30pm Location varies

Women of the Word (“WOW”)

Women of all ages gather to study various topics of interest to the Christian
woman who wants to grow in her faith and in the Word; this includes caring for each other and the opportunity to share personal life experiences. This ongoing class is designed to welcome new members at any time.

Led by Judy Fuelling
Wednesdays at 9:30am Church Altar Guild Room


Making & Reproducing Growing Disciples

This group is dedicated to applying the kingdom principles that Jesus taught and modeled, to our own lives and community. The principles Jesus presented (often taught in parable form) constitute the basic job description for making and multiplying disciples in fulfillment of His Great Commission. We intend to present this instruction and apply these kingdom principles by helping participants move through Four Fields: 1) Enter and meet people; 2) Sow the Gospel Message; 3) Train disciples; 4) Gather disciples in groups; and 5) Go back into the harvest together!

Lead by Terry Tieman                                                                                                         Email:                                                                       Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the Church Lounge

This is a group for men of all ages. We have Bible Study, Prayer, Fellowship, coffee and snacks. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month from 7:07am until 8:30am in the narthex (lobby) of the church. Start your day with the Lord. First things first.

Led by Ellis Winter                                                                                                           Email:                                                                                           Saturdays at 7:07AM Church Narthex/Lobby

Visit our Youth Ministry page for more info. Click Here