Church Staff

  • pastor_will_Senior Pastor
    Rev. William Miller

    more about Pastor Will
  • pastor_will_Associate Pastor
    Rev. Greg Prauner

    more about Pastor Greg
  • ajvega_Director of Christian Education
    AJ Vega

  • NC_
    Business Administrator
    Nikki Cummings

  • todd3_Interim Principal
    Immanuel Lutheran School
    Ed Mell

  • TC_Church Secretary
    Krissy Vega

  • TC_Volunteer Coordinator & Community Outreach
    Ed Mell

  • TC_Connection Director
    Diane Reimold

  • TC_Facilities & Technology Coordinator
    Ryan Pudwell

  • TT_Pastor for Revitalization
    Rev. Dr Terry Tieman


Board of Directors

The primary role of the Board of Directors of Immanuel Lutheran Church shall be to provide accountability and support for the Senior Pastor through written Guiding Principles. The Guiding Principles include: Mission Principles that define for the Senior Pastor what ends the Church exists to achieve, Boundary Principles that define for the Senior Pastor what means may not be used in pursuit of achieving those ends, and Accountability Principles that define for the Board Chairperson how the Board is to establish the Guiding Principles and to monitor the Senior Pastor’s compliance with them.

The Vision of Immanuel is to see people CONNECT with Jesus in a meaningful way. We want people to know a life of faith that is about the EXPERIENCE of walking with Jesus daily.  We want to see people RESTOREd to a right relationship to God and to one another through the cross of Christ. And we want to see this same pattern REPEATed time and again in Memphis.

Mission Principles include evangelism, worship, discipleship, ministry, and fellowship. The highest priority of Immanuel Lutheran Church is evangelism.

The Board consists of six elected members plus the Senior Pastor, who is the only Staff person on the Board. The term of office for Board Members is three years. Terms are staggered and term limits apply. After working through the nominating process, Board Members are elected each year (replacing terms which expire) from a list of qualified candidates presented at the annual Voters’ Assembly meeting.

Board Members currently serving include:

Pictured From Left to Right (Term Expires)
Dan Hesse, Chairperson…………June 30, 2017
Pastor-William Miller…………… Senior Pastor
Beth Hoban………………………June 30, 2019
Linda Barnes, Vice Chairperson…June 30, 2017
Phyllis Mashburn, Secretary……June 30, 2018
Tim Blackwell……………………June 30, 2019
Tim Neeck, Treasurer ……………June 30, 2018

Lay Ministry

The focus of Lay Ministry is to connect with members and visitors of ILC.
They also assist the pastor in many ways during worship services. They coordinate the scheduling of acolytes and readers, both schedule and serve as readers, ushers, and administering communion.

Additionally, each Lay Minister has a group of church members (sorted by last name) with whom he makes contact from time to time. In this way they help the pastor and the rest of the congregation stay connected to each other more effectively. They also stand ready to assist with various projects and outreach efforts throughout the year. The Board of Lay Ministry meets with the pastor once a month to discuss every aspect of church life and develop plans to enhance service to our congregation.

Lay Minister Assignments:

 Chairman John Ruppel
A – BA Kurt Williamson
BE – BZ Jeremy Winter
C Robby Dehority
D – F John Payant
G – H John Ruppel
J – L Robert Williams
M Joe Snyder
N – Q Bill Arnold
R – SC Bruce Baldauf
SE – SZ Open
T – Z Ernie Echols
Homebound Ellis Winter