Chemist Brings Science to Life for ILS 8th Grade Students

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On October 22, Peter Doorley was a guest presenter in our 8th grade Science class at Immanuel Lutheran School. Mr. Doorley worked 33 years in industrial chemistry and previously earned a MS Degree in Chemistry from the University of Kentucky. The main emphasis of his presentation was energy and specifically light, and how we perceive colors. There are over ten ways we see colors and four common light expressions were reviewed: the rainbow, paint pigments, structural colors, and fireworks. The class also explored the difference between washing and bleaching clothes. Here’s an example of what makes ILS a special place: The class looked at energy in the form of light, the most famous energy expression being Einstein’s equation E = mc². Mr. Doorley incorporated God’s creation starting in Genesis 1:1 as the beginning of chemistry. Here God lays out all the parts of Einstein’s equation: God was the initial energy (E) and a beginning means God started time. God also created the heavens and earth which represent matter (m) and then God created light (c) which is the energy component.

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