Children Serve by Building a Bridge of Hope

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Showing children how to apply what they learn in church by serving Jesus, where they can make a difference in people’s lives in a practical way, is a powerful demonstration of the Gospel.  With help from a number of adults on December 4, about 60 youth participated in a service project during Children’s Church in conjunction with both Sunday morning worship services at Immanuel.  The service project involved putting together 58 hygiene kits for A Bridge of Hope ministry, which included shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, soap, and combs.  The children were excited and eager to help!

Hygiene items were donated by the congregation and a financial contribution by Immanuel’s Volleyball Connection Group helped provide more hygiene items.  A Thrivent grant enabled fleece fabric to be purchased from which 10 blankets were made during the month leading up to the service project.  Due to such a generous response, some art supplies, journals, and toys were purchased and will be given to A Bridge of Hope ministry to be distributed with the hygiene kits.  Everyone at Children’s Church working on the project prayed together, asking God to not only be with the people who would receive the kits, blankets, and other items but to continue to teach us to be compassionate toward others and help us look for opportunities to help others in need.

Special thanks to Holly Mayer for her leadership, our teachers and helpers for their guidance and support, the congregation for donated items, and our Volleyball Connection Group and Thrivent for their financial investment.  The project was a great hands-on way to reinforce what has been learned from God’s Word about giving and helping others.

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