Kindness Makes a Difference

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When you think of kindness, what comes to mind?  Just a warm, fuzzy feeling?  An encouraging note sent by a friend?  Or maybe your mom’s chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven?  We have experienced the kindness of God through the life of Jesus.  God saw people with no hope of breaking free from sin so he sent his Son to save us.  It was a kindness we didn’t deserve for a death we did deserve for which we can never repay.  So for us, kindness is an action undertaken with godly compassion and understanding.  Kindness is the ability to recognize the needs of others and take steps to meet those needs.  Everyone is encouraged to engage in acts of kindness and mercy!  It’s a powerful witness of your faith and God’s love.

Recently, we have been blessed to help a number of people in need in our community that the Lord has led to Immanuel – a young mother and her son, two men who came in from the street, and an older couple, both of whom are disabled.  We have visited and prayed with them and most of them have attended worship here.  We have also depleted our benevolence fund at Immanuel while helping meet people’s physical needs.  If you can help, contributions can be made to Immanuel’s benevolence fund online at (About > Online Giving) or by making your check payable to Immanuel Lutheran Church, noting “Benevolence Fund” in the memo field, and placing your check in the offering plate.  Thanks for your help!

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