The Rich Man and Lazarus

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This message was preached by Pastor Will Miller on Sunday September 25, 2016. The scripture reading for this sermon was from Luke 16:19-31.

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  1. Pastor Will
    As a baptized and confirmed archival member of Immanuel (1936 – 1960), I have been following the very excellent sermons you post online. Many thanks.
    I am a bit puzzled by the parabolic nature of the Lazarus story. If the events of the story are post- Judgement, how is it that the rich man’s brothers are still capable of conversion? Why did Jesus tell the thief on the cross “Today you will be with me in Paradise?” How are Moses and Elijah with Jesus at the Transfiguration?
    Bill Schrader Madison, Alabama

  2. Bill,
    Thanks for your comment! I’m just getting used to checking these messages for comments since this is new for our church. And these are excellent questions.
    I’m sorry if I was less than clear in the sermon with the “condensed timeline”, but I simply mean to point out that Jesus has already placed the rich man in hell in order to set up the conditions for the parable. But, that’s actually the point I was attempting to make: this is NOT a parable about the afterlife as much as it is a parable about faith and unbelief. It is my opinion that this parable is read more profitably concerning the topic of “faith and unbelief” rather than as a place to mine Scripture for details concerning the afterlife.
    Thanks again for your question!
    In Christ,
    Pastor Will

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